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Meet The Team

Owner Joshua Stevens

Joshua, or Josh, started his professional life in the Air Force as a member of the Security Forces after graduating high school in 2006. Originally planning for a career in law enforcement, Josh only wanted to join the Reserves. He planned to spend most of his post-high school life in college. However, the wars had different plans for Josh. He quickly found himself in Kirkuk, Iraq, watching Army grunts tear apart the countryside, violently distributing American freedom as they saw fit. Realizing he’d missed his calling, Josh joined the Army in 2009, spending the minimum amount of time in the Air Force as his contract required of him. 

During the height of the “Global War on Terror,” the Army Infantry was more than Josh could have ever hoped. He would lead a successful Infantry career, completing two violent deployments as a Non-Commissioned Officer to Wardak Province, Afghanistan, and later to Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, before his life in the fast lane would eventually catch up to him. In 2015, as a Staff Sergeant, Josh contemplated leaving the military when the decision was made for him: he was diagnosed with a TBI-induced brain tumor that caused irreparable nerve and brain damage. This diagnosis dramatically changed Josh’s life, leading to a medical retirement from the Army in February 2017. That same year, Josh decided to start Teaghlach Firearms his way of giving back to his community and attempt to take life a little slower, all while enjoying the freedoms he had sacrificed so much to protect. 

Josh is a certified Advanced Gunsmith, as well as a certified AR-15, 1911, and Glock Armorer. He also has an Associate’s Degree in Firearm Technology from Sonoran Desert Institute (SDI), where he was recognized as a  Famous Alumni after graduation. He has also been published in Gun Digest

The U.S. Army Asymmetric Warfare Group certified Josh as a military Small Arms Marksman Instructor and throughout his decade of service, he has trained both U.S. and Coalition service members on basic firearms skills, marksmanship, defensive pistol use, close-quarters combat, and small unit tactics. His time in the military gives him both Military Law Enforcement and Infantry experience and over two years of on-the-ground combat experience. Out of these many accomplishments, Josh takes the most pride in being a father to his son, Liam, who is often at his side in the shop. 

Josh is honored to have the opportunity to bring his passion and experience into his work. He looks forward to helping each and every one of his customers finds exactly what they’re looking for with their firearm requirements. 

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