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Laser Engraving

Certified Fiber Laser Engraving Services

SALE 30 Watt Fiber Laser Engraving Prices: 


Basic Engraving:

Simple Logo 10 Pass Engraving: $30.00

Simple Logo 30 Pass Deep Engraving: $60.00
Images Larger than 3x3 Add $10.00 Per Inch

NFA Engraving: $30.00

NFA Engraving With Logo: $60.00
Pistol Back Plate: $25.00
Magazine Base Plate: $25.00

Polymer or Metal Magazines: $15.00 

Polymer or Metal Magazines Name and Number: $8.50 

Pistol Slides Both Sides and Top: $200.00

Both Sides: $150.00

Top Only: $75.00
Dust Covers Caliber Marking or Words: $10.00
Dust Covers Graphic or Logo: $25.00

Glock / Pistol Frame Texturing / stippling:

Basic package for sides and index points only include disassembly, sanding down smooth of the factory texture, engraving of pattern and borders and reassembly:

Sub-Compact $120

Compact $130

Full Size $140

Additional options:

Trigger undercut :$35

Memory Cut :$35

Finger groove removal and engraving :$45

Backstrap sanding down and engraving (gen 4's only): $40

Logo inset inside a stippling design :$25 per side.

Call/text for a quote or swing by the shop for more information!

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